2020 International Conference on Climate Change, Green Energy and Environmental Sustainability(CCGEES 2020)
Prof. Zheng Wang

Prof. Zheng Wang

Researcher, Institute of Science and Technology Strategic Consulting, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Wang Zheng, Bachelor (1983), Master (1987), Doctor (1990) of East China Normal University. Geography scholar, management scholar, mainly engaged in theoretical geography, regional management, computational geography and policy simulation scientific research. He has been a researcher since 1994 and a doctoral tutor since 1997. Wang Zhengxian (2011) is the director of the Chinese Geographical Society and the director of the Urban and Regional Management Professional Committee, the executive director of the Chinese Science and Technology Policy Research Association and the director of the Policy Simulation Professional Committee, and the executive director of the Chinese Regional Science Society. He has won the provincial or ministerial level natural science or science and technology progress award five times as the first winner. He was selected as the first and second level of the "Millions of Talent Project of the Ministry of Personnel" in 1999, and enjoys the special allowance of the State Council.

Wang Zheng's academic research work mainly focuses on theoretical geography, regional science and management, and computational geography, and combines these disciplines in the fields of climate change science and policy simulation science.